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Lower Costs

A new landmark study has identified savings as high as $4 per pallet load for supply chains that convert from conventional wood pallets to iGPS plastic platforms. Performed by a major international consulting firm, the study examined supply chains in multiple sectors, including produce, dairy and protein. And the results were unambiguous, accruing across all stages of the supply chain, with benefits enjoyed by both manufacturers/growers and retailers. $4 per pallet load? That's right. Here are some of the reasons why —

Lower Transport Expense

iGPS pallets weigh 49 lbs vs. 75-80 lbs for wood rental pallets.

That 27 lb. difference per pallet adds up to big savings — lower transport charges for trucks that cube out and more product per load for trucks that currently weigh out.

Cost savings: $0.76 - $2.70 per pallet load

Superior Construction = Superior Savings

Less Product Damage

With no protruding nails or splinters, no gaps between slats and true 48" x 40" dimensions, products experience far less damage and fewer rejected loads.

Cost savings: $0.15 - $0.70 per pallet load

Less Equipment Damage

No wood splinters or nails to jam conveyers and foul material handling equipment.

Cost savings: $0.29 - $0.37 per pallet load

Less Housekeeping Costs

Wood pallets are messy, leaving splinters and nails scattered on warehouse floors.

Cost savings: $0.44 - $0.52 per pallet load