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Track & Trace

Capture critical data quickly and accurately

In todays increasingly complex business world, information is power. In fact, ready access to data is essential not only to compete efficiently, but also to meet the growing demands of regulatory authorities. iGPS' intelligent platform is the perfect tool to help business meet today's and tomorrow's information demands.

Each iGPS platform has integrated RFID technology that bears that platform's unique serial number or GRAI (Global Returnable Asset Identifier). This information can be captured via instantaneous RFID scanning or by reading the bar code found on each pallet.

iGPS Track & Trace System

Track & Trace System Integrates:

Leverages Business Rules to:

Serialized product data

Trading partner relationships

Product master data

Supply chain events

Temperature Management

Display chain of custody

Provide actionable reporting

Mage Recalls

Manage expirations

Notify participants of suspicious events